Housekeeping Services

The major role of the day-to-day activity of all business operation is to make an environment and business operation place should be clean and secure. At trenddia, We are proving the housekeeping services to keep your workplace and building clean, neat and secure.

Our cleaning strategy and system are very unique which gives more productivity to the client environment and we won't compromise the quality of work we do.

We are implementing the environmentally friendly cleaning process which increases our client corporate value and our values in cleaning services. We utilize the Green Cleaning Concept to ensure that we are using branded cleaning chemicals imported from France which is not harmful to employee and environment safe.

We are following the Cleaning process strategy that proving the proper cleaning product, cleaning equipment and proper training to our cleaning professional to deliver the best cleaning services to clients.

The key factors are:

  • The monitoring of the Service Agreement.
  • Documentation of work performance.
  • Active communication and interaction with the customer.

Cleaning Excellence likewise incorporates an improved acquisition procedure and cost control streamlining bringing about a superior administration esteem and reliable quality.

Why should we pay attention to housekeeping at work?

  • To make your environment very clean and neat
  • Prevent you from fire hazards in work areas
  • You can efficiently spend your time with your core business
  • To make your workplace more pleasant by the good fragrance

What is the purpose of workplace housekeeping?

Poor housekeeping causes some bad incidents. such as

  • You may be hit by falling objects at your workplace
  • Feeling bad to stay for a long time where housekeeping services are bad
  • Slipping on dirty surfaces
  • Tearing the skin of hands or other parts of your body through rust steel

What are some benefits of good housekeeping practices?

Effective housekeeping results in:

  • Can handle the cleaning material efficiently
  • Decreased fire hazards
  • Cleaning and maintaining the costly equipment
  • You will feel very hygienic which leads to improving health
  • your productivity will be improved